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Jun 04

Enslavement of the American People-Part 5- Declaration of Independence

Enslavement of the American People-Part 5- Declaration of Independence. A discussion and meaning of the Declaration of Independence and it’s relationship with the chaos in America today.

Feb 17

We Are At War-Class War That Is!

We ever have war- class war that is!  The war is between the enemies of the Constitution and the friends of the Constitution.  We already have been at war for over 100 years.  Their goal is to treat us as an Indian Nation and Reservation.  Their process is to destroy the three pillars of our …

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Feb 12

The Democrat Party is not the Government

      My name is Bill Jones from and today my podcast is about the core problems of the American Government.   It’s about the structure of the United States Government and the authorization and lack thereof of political parties governing!            

Jan 16

Gun Control is Class Warfare

Gun Control is Class Warfare   We are at war and have been for decades.  The Democrat party has been conducting oppressive actions against the people of United States, for the purpose of enslaving massive numbers of people.  Their weapons have been legislative controls, regulatory controls and judicial controls.  And now here they come, the …

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